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Hello! My name is Oliver and I want to help make your project sound incredible.

If you are:

- A Game Developer looking for custom sound and implementation.

- Looking for original audio design and mix for your Film, Cinematic or Animation.

- Would like to know how much audio will cost up-front and not have to deal with per asset or per-hour quotes.

- Don't want to have to micromanage the sound for your project, allowing for peace of mind and freeing up time and attention.

Then I've got you covered.

I'm a lifelong musician, gaining a degree in Music Composition with Digital Arts Practices, and after many years of producing electronic music I became passionate about sound in all of it's forms. After playing games for most of my life it was natural that I would gravitate towards interactive audio.

I'm a huge proponent of the role sound plays in allowing an audience to feel fully immersed in an experience. As well as helping to define the aesthetic and tone of a world or a scene just as much as art direction, level design or writing can.

Please feel free to get in touch, I'd love to hear about your project. If we're a good match to work together we'll create something great together.