Hello! My name is Oliver and I'm here to help make your game sound incredible. 

If you are:

- A Game Developer looking for immersive Sound tailored to the scale, vision and budget of your project.

- Would like to know how much great Audio will cost up-front and not have to deal with per-asset or per-hour quotes. 

- Don't want to have to micromanage the Sound for your project, allowing for peace of mind and freeing up time and attention.

Then I've got you covered. 

I believe that when games sound great, they feel great. I'm a huge advocate of the role sound plays in aiding in the suspension of disbelief that allows a player to feel fully immersed in an experience. As well as the contribution it can make to world-building, helping to define the aesthetic and tone of a game just as much as art direction, level design or writing.

I've  been passionate about sound, music and games my whole life, gaining a BA in Music Composition with Digital Arts Practices. I'm fascinated by sound and the ways it can move us psychologically and emotionally. I'm also really interested in the blurring of lines between what is considered music and sound design. I feel that games offer a unique opportunity to explore this space, allowing more freedom and room for experimentation in this area than linear media.

I'm currently working on Starved for Light, a story-driven, platforming game with Exiled Game Team. I'm also contributing to a couple of unannounced projects, more info of which will be released in time.

Please feel free to get in touch, I'd love to hear about your project. If we're a good match to work together we'll create something great together.