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Starved for Light

Developer - Exiled Game Team

Role - Lead Sound Designer: Audio Asset Creation and Sound & Music Implementation

About - Starved for Light is a 2D platform - adventure game currently in development. It features a focus on the manipulation of light to the player’s advantage, as well as two different play styles, divided between the two main characters

Peel (short film)

Role - Sound Designer & Sound Editor

About - Peel is a short film by Cameron J. Kidd. The trailer can be viewed here

Peel has been accepted into the Austin After Dark Film Festival 2019

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Cities and Memory - Sacred Spaces Project

Role -A reimagining of Organ, Choir and Congregation at Dominicuskerk, Amsterdam. I took the original recording of the Choir and transformed it into a medative loop based piece inspired by William Basinski. It appears alongside a selection of other submissions, on the full album release

About - Cities and Memory is a global collaborative sound project encompassing field recording, sound art and sound mapping