Starved for Light

Developer - Exiled Game Team

Role - Lead Sound Designer: Audio Asset Creation and Implementation. I’m also implementing the game’s dynamic music.

About - Starved for Light is a 2d platform-adventure game currently in development. It features a focus on the manipulation of light to the player’s advantage, as well as two different play styles, divided between the two main characters.

I will provide a link here to the first public demo when it becomes available in early 2019. (and update my reel when I can show footage)


Cities and Memory - Sacred Spaces Project

Sacred Spaces, by Cities and Memory, examines the crucial role sound has played in our spiritual and religious lives for thousands of years, and explores the sonic similarities between different religions, and different types of sacred space from across the world.

This is my submission, a reimagining of Organ, Choir and Congregation at Dominicuskerk, Amsterdam. It appears alongside a selection of other submissions, on the full album release.

About - Cities and Memory is a global collaborative sound project encompassing field recording, sound art and sound mapping. 


New Project

I’ll update this section when I’m allowed to share more about what I’m currently working on.